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The Green Revolution is changing how everything in the world is built, powered, and moved. It’s creating a ballooning carbon market from scratch and fueling surges in metals demand on a scale rarely seen. It’s a paradigm shift in how the world works – and paradigm shifts create huge opportunity for investors.

Evergreen Investing is a newsletter to help investors understand these opportunities and find the right ways to position. ‘Right’ means building a portfolio of low- to moderate-risk stocks across the commodities, energy sources, technologies, and capital mechanisms that are powering the Green Revolution. We want to invest in the inputs of this paradigm shift.

We are Gwen Preston and Peter Krauth. We have written newsletters about investing in metals and mining for many years, which means we can assess the technical merits of all kinds of projects and ideas. Years of small cap investing means we understand there are always two drivers: a macro engine and a stock with the right people, plans, and access to capital. We pride ourselves on making the complex accessible in our writing. And we love sharing our learnings and portfolio actions with interested investors.

Evergreen Investing tracks Gwen and Peter’s thoughts, buys, and sells. They are supported by subscribers; companies cannot pay for coverage.

Gwen Preston is the Resource Maven. With a background in chemistry and journalism, she started her career as a journalist in the mining sector. She found the mix of science, social fabric, engineering, politics, and capital requirements in exploration and mining fascinating. In 2014 she launched The Maven Letter, a weekly subscriber-supported newsletter describing her thoughts, buys, and sells in the junior mining space.


The Green Revolution is setting the stage for an intense bull market in many metals, for which demand is rocketing and supply is nowhere near sufficient (think copper, nickel, silver, and uranium for starters). Gwen is very excited about the incredible opportunities on the horizon for metals investors…but in understanding how the Green Revolution is transforming metals demand, she found herself wanting to position more broadly for all the immense changes that are part of green-ing the world.

So was born the idea for Evergreen Investing. Gwen has deep knowledge in several Evergreen areas, such as the copper market, nuclear energy and uranium demand, and fertilizer mining and production. She has the technical background to understand other areas, like carbon credits, energy infrastructure, and recycling. And she has the investing and capital markets experience to figure out which parts of each are likely to work best and what to buy to be along for the ride.

Peter Krauth is a former portfolio adviser and a veteran of the resource market, with special expertise in commodities, energy, and precious metals. He has been researching, writing, and investing in resources for more than two decades. His analytical insights have been published in Forbes, Kitco, BNN Bloomberg, the Financial Post, Seeking Alpha, Streetwise Reports, Investing.com, and TalkMarkets.

He uses his knowledge of macro economics and geopolitics to help forecast emerging long-term trends in green energy, agricultural, recycling and infrastructure. Agriculture serves our most basic needs, like food and shelter; Fertilizers are key to help manage and enhance crop yields; recycling has become crucial to achieve net zero carbon; and transportation is now one of the largest energy consuming sectors. He’s developed an extensive industry network to help uncover outstanding opportunities in these sectors.

Peter is also the author of The Great Silver Bull, an essential guide to profiting from silver’s generational opportunity. The book is available to buy on Amazon.