What is Evergreen Investing?

Investing in the energy sources, technologies, capital mechanisms, commodities, and innovations that power the Green Revolution.

The Green Revolution is changing how everything in the world is built, powered, and moved.

It’s creating a ballooning carbon market from scratch and fueling surges in metals demand on a scale rarely seen. It’s a paradigm shift in how the world works – and paradigm shifts create huge opportunity for investors.

Evergreen Investing is a newsletter to help investors understand these opportunities and find the right ways to position.

“Right” means building a portfolio of low to moderate risk stocks across the commodities, energy sources, technologies, and capital mechanisms that are powering the Green Revolution.

Evergreen Investing tracks Gwen and Peter’s thoughts, buys, and sells. They are supported by subscribers; companies cannot pay for coverage.

As Gwen and Peter expand their understanding of the space, they’ll share the best opportunities to invest in the green revolution and how to position a portfolio that focuses on the inputs of this paradigm shift.

Gwen Preston and Peter Krauth have been writing newsletters about investing in metals and mining for many years.

Years of small cap investing means they understand there are always two drivers: a macro engine and a stock with the right people, plans, and access to capital. They can assess the technical merits of all kinds of projects and ideas. Gwen and Peter make the complex accessible in their writing and love sharing their learnings and portfolio actions with interested investors.